*Note To Self: Think Of Hilarious, Poignant Title About “Reawakening”


The Byronic Man

I have returned! Yes, I have awoken from a long, dormant slumber, like… like… shoot. Surely there must be some analogy appropriate to the moment for emerging with new life after a season of cold silence… hm.  I’ve returned like a thing that wakes up as symbolism for rejuvenation.  A bear?  Muhammed Ali in the “rope-a-dope” fight?  Man, I’m really rusty

Anyway, some while back I posted that I was in a year of change and huge new commitments. I’m still in one piece – technically – and closing in on finding some equilibrium. I hope. Well, the year was what I said, but I also said I really hoped to post periodically as well. That turned out to be (and I don’t want to lose you with jargon and complex concepts) “totally kidding myself.” Instead I chose the route where I see that I have new views or comments, or…

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